Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peg Oswald

From early childhood on, drawing has always been a love of mine. I was fortunate to have an excellent art teacher at the public school
I attended in upstate New York from whom I received art instruction from kindergarten through high school. Even though I had a career
as an elementary classroom teacher, I continued to take art classes to be able to give instruction to my pupils and always took
a sketch book with me on my travels.

It wasn’t until retirement that I discovered the joy of working in clay and the fun of creating paintings with pastels. I continue to take
pottery classes with Terry Shepherd at the Art Center in Grand Junction throwing on the potter’s wheel and hand building. I love the
whole process of creating a piece then adding slips, stains or glazes to achieve a certain look. Watching that piece come out of a firing
(whether from a gas, raku or salt kiln) is like Christmas morning. There is almost always a surprise. I find it quite addictive!

Working with pastels has allowed me to add wonderful color to my drawing. I love the brilliance of the colors and textures
you can achieve with them. Now a small box of pastels goes with me on my travels. Sara Oakley got me started on pastels and
now I am teaching a pastel class for beginners.

I have shown my art work at the Art Center, Crystal Café, Planet Earth Gallery and downtown where I have participated in Friday Art Hop
and the Thursday night Farmer’s market. I reside in Grand Junction , Colorado with my husband and 4 cats.-Peg

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