Sunday, September 14, 2008

Greg Luff

For as long as I can remember I have been an artist. I have always been fascinate with light, color and shape. I am a senior at Palisade High School.
For the last seven years I have worked in clay and two years ago I began working in glass. This year I have combined the two,
creating mixed media pieces of functional art in addition to pendants, vortex and floral marbles, and beads.
In addition to glass, I use only naturally found gems, shells, pearls and silver findings in my jewelry pieces.

I have named my business Elements of Earth. It reflects my deep respect and appreciation for nature.
Our surrounding canyons, mesas, orchards, farmland and desert are the inspiration for much of my work.

It was not until I took a trip to Great Britian as a student ambassador for People to People that I became focused on glass as an artform.
The visit to Waterford Crystal Factory literally changed my life. I came back determined to learn and create in this medium.

After acquiring the proper equipment, I had about six months of experimentation on my own.
After school was out, I was able to attend classes at Glasscraft in Denver and the Eugene School of Glass in Oregon.
I was also fortunate to be accepted into Snow Farm in Massachusetts.
Snow Farm is part of the New England Arts and Crafts Program and run specifically for high school students.

I appreciate your interest in my art and hope you enjoy your purchases!

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