Sunday, September 14, 2008

Betsy McLoughlin

Betsy McLoughlin, a Grand Junction resident, is primarily a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting all her life.
Her artwork has often had to be deferred, though, due to her decades-long profession as a Spanish teacher
and her recent full-time job as a Spanish professor at Mesa State College. Nevertheless, Betsy has continued to sketch and paint as much as she can,
and since moving to Grand Junction in 1986 has sold her artwork and won various awards on the Western Slope.
Her painting had to be deferred in the early 1990's when she returned to college to obtain her doctorate in Spanish literature.
However, upon returning to Mesa State, she decorated her office with large watercolors that she painted of tropical beach scenes mounted in old window frames.
She continued creating these windows for others, featuring them in various shows and now a number of people in Grand Junction have some of Betsy's windows.

Since retirement, though, Betsy has been creating smaller watercolor paintings as well, practicing skills she was taught in workshops in California and Colorado.
Carrying a sketchbook with her wherever she goes, she is focusing now on landscapes and everyday scenes.
She has especially enjoyed painting fall and winter scenery and has also been creating a variety of "Christmas" paintings,
whether of snowmen, wintery sunsets, cats looking out of a window, or Southwestern adobe houses decorated with Christmas luminarias.
Betsy and her husband recently converted a basement room into her "art/project room," so she is now ready to spend much more time painting.
You can expect to see her artwork appearing before long in various places around town, including Willow Pond Bed & Breakfast.

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