Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Winter 2011 Cooking Classes at Willow Pond!

Classes are $55 each. Please call Diana at 201-3883 or email: worldtable@gmail.com to register.



Classes include: recipe packets, a full meal, tea and water service, and wonderful camaraderie.

Classes are transferable, but not refundable. Class attendance is limited & classes fill fast. If a class is cancelled due to low attendance, it will be rescheduled within the following 6 months and your tuition will be transferred to that date or to another class. Your class payment does not expire. You can also schedule a private class for you and your friends, for special occasions, ladies night out, couples’ night, bridal showers, or just because you love to cook! Special topics and menus are welcome.

Payment options: Cash or check only, made out to Diana Tarasiewicz.

Please mail to: 551 walnut avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501. Payment must be made ahead of time, to guarantee your spot in class.

What cooking class guests are saying:

“ I attended last night’s class and just want to tell you how wonderful it was. I am so excited about what I learned and can hardly wait to get in my kitchen. The class far exceeded my expectations, it was fun and the food was amazing! Please let Diana know I loved her class! I am looking forward to attending many more.” Amy A. (French Bistro class)

“Thanks you for a very pleasant night of cooking. It was a great time, and you make cooking an ease. Hope I have time to try another class soon.” Al A. (Fish fast and delicious class)

“Just a quick note to thank you so much for the Julie & Julia cooking class last night-you are truly a remarkable chef! I am AMAZED at the countless cuisines you have conquered-you serve up flair, finesse, lots of fun - plus fabulous food!! Thanks again” – Sherri S.



Wednesday the 2nd Surviving the holiday potluck and parties without gaining weight

Great easy dishes for dinner or pot luck, appetizer parties and get togethers. Great dishes don’t have to be made with cream to taste fabulous. You will enjoy Chicken picatta, easy gratins and quick hors d’oeuvres such as a wonderful white bean and basil dip with fresh Belgian endive leaves and other tasty lower fat dishes.

Wednesday the 9th Thanksgiving side dishes that steal the show

Admit it, you are getting tired of your aunt Sophie’s green bean and cream of mushroom soup casserole…. Potato and celery root gratin with leeks, Roasted winter squash with mint, pumpkin seeds and a balsamic vinegar glaze, Carrot and parsnip puree with toasted sliced almonds, candied clementines with cranberries, stir fried kale with roasted red peppers. Try something new for the holidays!!

Wednesday the 30th Gifts of Food

Gifts of food are always welcome for the holidays, and they are easier on your budget and pocketbook. Come learn to make marinated Feta with olives, lemon and fresh thyme, a superb hot Chai mix, flavored vinegars and olive oils, spice blends and a terrific hot chocolate blend. This is a really fun class that will give you new ideas, as well as packaging tips for your homemade creations.


Wednesday the 7th Sushi and hand roll workshop - hand's on!

If you knew sushi, like I know sushi…..

Come try your hand at preparing all the ingredients for making your own sushi, learning how to make perfect rice and learning how to “rock and roll” with your sushi mat. If you have your own sushi mat, please bring it to class. We will learn how to make rolls, nigiri sushi, properly slice fish, and how to serve sashimi. Vegetarians welcome – we have lots of non-fish options. This class is a great Christmas present for the sushi lovers on your list.

Wednesday the 14th A small tour of Italy

The world’s favorite cuisine… Learn to make gnocchi from scratch (you will never buy the shelf stable ones again…), fabulous quick pan sauces, a raw tomato herb sauce, chicken picatta and other delights


Wednesday the 11th Jump start the new year and the new you with a Fast track detox diet

If you’ve wanted your system to get rid of nasty toxins, and jump-start a weight-loss program, this class is for you…. Based on the book “The Fast Track Detox Diet” by Ann Louise Gittleman, this class will give you the necessary basics and information you will need to get started and enjoy lots of terrific food. We will also include some raw foods recipes (courtesy of Leigh Fortson”.) This class includes a copy of Ann’s book “The fast track one day detox diet”, as well as a two week meal plan and recipes.

Wednesday the 18th The many flavors of Thailand

Let the many flavors of Thai cuisine dance on your palate! Kaffir lime leaves, Fish sauce, palm sugar, fresh ginger and lime, will combine in wonderful fragrant ways, in this introduction to Thai cuisine. Some of the dishes we will cook will be a Panaeng shrimp curry and a sliced grilled beef salad, as well as a fragrant coconut lemongrass soup and other delights.

Wednesday the 25th A taste of Southern India

Indian cuisine is based on variety, which in flavors, encompasses hot and sour, hot and nutty, sweet and hot, bitter and hot, bitter and sour and sweet and salty. The Indian genius lies not only in squeezing several flavors out of the same spice by roasting it, grinding it or popping it whole into hot oil, but in combining seasonings such as ground roasted cumin seeds with mint, ginger and garlic with green chilies, to create a vast spectrum of tastes. It is this total mastery over seasonings that makes Indian food quite unique.

We will be cooking dishes such as Shrimp and coconut with curry leaves, Green beans with coconut and popped mustard seeds and Red lentil dhal with shallots, from the Kerala region of India, as well as an array of raitas and rice pilaf.

MORE GREAT CLASSES TO FOLLOW. (Sauces, Spanish tapas, from Julie to Julia, appetizers on the fly, quick tasty desserts, flatbreads) – Please email me and let me know what you are looking for!

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