Friday, July 03, 2009

Leah Lyon

Willow Pond is proud to present
our newest Artist Inn Residence,
Leah Lyon!

A perennial artist, I recently went to college to create my first professional career. I graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations from Mesa State College, CO. It’s creative side assists me in my pottery business.

What happened is while going through school I discovered a love for clay. (Those darn electives!) It started with hand building and transition into throwing on a wheel. I often use both techniques in my pieces. I have finally accepted that clay is now a passion.

Clay is addictive. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. Whether you collect the finished vessels or indulge in the creation process you’ll get hooked. My husband tells me the reason I love clay is because of my love of rocks. Clay is simply very, very small rocks. He may be right. Scientifically it’s true!

My love of creating ceramic vessels uses my natural abilities and learned skills. It is the happy
accidents that amaze me. Like my “Peach Pitchers”

The story goes - I had thrown my first tall (for me) vase. When I went to flip it over to dry more, one side collapsed. I was in shock. I couldn’t waste the vessel so...I altered it more and “voila!” My own style of pitcher.
I create functional pieces that are a joy to look at. I seek to create vessels with texture and functional aesthetic forms. So that when they’re not in use you would think, “Why would you want to put this away in a cupboard?!

Leah's beautiful tea pots are now available at Willow Pond!

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