Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VH1 Save the Music Houseconcert featuring Andy Frasco

VH1 Save the Music Houseconcert at Willow Pond!


Thursday March 26th


Suggested Donation $20+
A portion of the proceeds benefits the VH1 Save the Music program which currently provides grants supporting music education in 72 public schools in the State of Colorado!

The Grand Valley's own Cullen Purser will open the show!

Visit VH1SavetheMusic for more info.

Reservations required. Seating is limited.
Call Willow Pond to reserve your seat.
Children 12+ welcome!

From Andy's Myspace page:

You would never know Andy Frasco is in his early twenties when listening to his wildly original, yet easily relatable, soulful, piano pop music. Drawing inspiration from such legends as Van Morrison and Billy Joel and being compared to the likes of Ben Folds, Frasco writes and sings with a sincere maturity and an open minded approach to the ever changing pop music scenery.Hailing from the West San Fernando Valley in southern California, Frasco began singing and playing piano in his junior year at El Camino Real High School. With a "take no prisoners" approach to the music industry, Frasco jumped into the scene, releasing his first EP, "When Fairy Tales Become Tragic Endings" recorded at Zen Seven Studios in Encino, CA. Gaining local praise and a small but die-hard fan base, the 17 year old logged his first tour in the summer of 2004, encompassing 34 of the 50 states.With his newfound awareness, Frasco began writing his 2nd release, "The Drifters", a concept recording revolving around a fictional town where ghosts roam free and townspeople live in trees, a metaphorical commentary on where Frasco himself grew up. The Drifters sold over 1000 units in the first 2 weeks of release.In September 2007, Frasco hit the road again performing extensively throughout his home state of California. Shortly after his return he took the plunge and moved to New York City, writing his best work yet, "Life in Neutral", a bold, brash, soulful and honest look into Frasco's new life in the city, highlighting upright bassist Todd Urban and Gospel vocalist Sarah Yvonne Jones. As talented as Frasco is, it is widely believed his ultimate collection is yet to come. Are you ready? Andy Frasco is!

About Cullen Purser:

Cullen Purser is a Maker of many things. It all started with some books on origami given to him when he was seven years old—ever since, he has taken things that have no form and given them design, beauty, and thought. Things like paper, wood, fabric and sound. He makes his own guitars, furniture, clothes, and music. For Purser, music and words are no different than any raw materials he uses to create things of use and beauty. He is an ardent student of human nature and this is evident not only in his lyrics, but in his melodies as well—melodies and sounds that take you to the shadows and the sunny places of your own soul. His listeners are rewarded with a rare opportunity; to feel. And, be it pain, regret, or happiness, it is real. Cullen Purser’s music is real—because Cullen Purser is real.

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